discrimination di‧scrim‧i‧na‧tion [dɪˌskrɪmˈneɪʆn] noun [uncountable]
1. ECONOMICS the process of treating one market, country, type of product etc differently from another:

• the discrimination in favour of imported wine when it comes to excise duty

ˈprice discrimiˌnation ECONOMICS COMMERCE
the practice of charging different prices for the same product in different markets:

• Peak load pricing is a system of price discrimination whereby peak time users pay higher prices.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES LAW when a worker in a company is treated unfairly because of their race, sex, age etc, especially by not being considered for a job. This is illegal in many countries:

• The survey showed that there was unofficial discrimination against women in the engineering industry.

• The Bill prohibits employment discrimination against qualified disabled persons on the grounds of their disability.

ˈage discrimiˌnation HUMAN RESOURCES LAW
unfair treatment of someone because of their age, especially when they are not given a job because they are too old; = AGEISM
geˈnetic discrimiˌnation HUMAN RESOURCES LAW
unfair treatment of someone who has an illness that they were born with and that their parents also had:

• In one case of genetic discrimination, a patient with Gaucher's disease was denied a government job.

ˌpositive discrimiˈnation also reˌverse discrimiˈnation HUMAN RESOURCES
when one group of people are treated more favourably than another, often because they have been treated unfairly in the past:

• She is totally opposed to positive discrimination in favour of women.

ˈrace discrimiˌnation also ˈracial discrimiˌnation HUMAN RESOURCES LAW
when people from one race are treated less favourably than those from another:

• Race discrimination is still quite widespread.

ˈsex discrimiˌnation also ˈsexual discrimiˌnation HUMAN RESOURCES LAW
when people, especially women, are treated unfairly because of their sex, especially when this stops them getting a job or making progress in their job:

• Sex discrimination in private pension plans is illegal.

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discrimination UK US /dɪˌskrɪmɪˈneɪʃən/ noun [U]
the practice of treating particular people, companies, or products differently from others, especially in an unfair way: »

He will work in partnership with a range of organizations to help eliminate discrimination against disabled people.

victims/targets of discrimination »

People sometimes have difficulty perceiving themselves as victims of discrimination.

discrimination on the basis of/grounds of sth »

Federal law bans discrimination on the basis of gender.

discrimination between sth (and sth) »

The new laws reduce the possibility of unfair discrimination between companies seeking to list on the Exchange.


racial/sex/age discrimination


fight/prohibit/tackle discrimination


The commission was created to address issues of discrimination in the workplace.


allegations/claims/complaints of discrimination


a discrimination case/lawsuit

See also AGE DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑age discrimination), EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑employment discrimination), GENETIC DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑genetic discrimination), POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑positive discrimination), PRICE DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑price discrimination), RACE DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑race discrimination), REVERSE DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑reverse discrimination), SEX DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑sex discrimination), WORKPLACE DISCRIMINATION(Cf. ↑workplace discrimination)

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